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INVITED TALK By Dr Raghu T. Santanam

Invitation to a Talk by:

Dr Raghu T. Santanam
McCord Endowed Chair of Business
Department Chair and Professor,
Department of Information Systems
W. P. Carey School of Business
Arizona State University(ASU), USA


Reinforcement Learning based Computational Adaptive Optimal Control and System Identification

Lecture by Dr. Kamesh Subbarao on 11th December 2017

Abstract: The duality of estimation and control problems is a well- known fact in control theory literature. Parameter convergence and closed loop stability are usually of paramount interest for a given adaptive control scheme. However, the controller thus designed doesn’t guarantee any performance other than ensuring closed loop stability and signal boundedness. In adaptive control, controllers while ensuring closed loop stability do not guarantee parameter convergence to true parameters. Thus there is a need for a higher level abstraction for a control scheme which acts in stages and prioritizes various aspects at different stages. The stage abstraction for the controller is inspired by human intuition towards dealing with control and identification simultaneously and hence named “Intuitive control framework”.