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Pre-Feiern – Pre Event for International Business Festival by DSU & Le Burrow


School of commerce and management studies of DSU in association with Le Burrow has set up pre-event stage for their biggest celebration of business studies and entrepreneurship.Feiern, is an international business festival at Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore.
Pre-Feiern has a series of exhilarating events and competitions for all the aspiring and young entrepreneurs and business professionals.


DSU Is Proud to Host NASA's Space Apps Challenge 2018


NASA has been organizing the worlds largest hackathon every year which now happens in 200 cities round the world and with more than 25000 participants.
The details are at:
During this Hackathon, participants can form teams and work on one of the 25 challenges posted at
They are free to work on other challenges as well. You can use the resources such as datasets, ,provided by NASA or ISRO.