B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering

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B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers a dynamic eco-system for study, research and professional growth for the faculty and the students. It strives to groom its students to be competent IT professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Programme Overview (PO):

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) programme operates and supports computing facilities for departmental education, research, and administration needs. The programme focuses on the concepts and techniques used in the design and development of advanced hardware/software systems. The curriculum emphases on knowledge-based course work integrated with skill development as a part of training. It equally helps inculcating the scientific temper necessary for lifelong learning process.

Under this programme, every student goes through the foundation courses in science, humanity and engineering. It is ensured that the courses cover both core and electives as required. Students are given opportunity to explore the conceptual underpinnings of Computer Science - its fundamental algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, microprocessors, Database management systems, networks, language translators and software engineering techniques. In addition, students choose from a rich set of elective streams that includes Computational Intelligence, Big Data & Data Science, Systems (Networks & IoT), Theory/Theoretical Computer Science, Applications (Cloud, Web Technology, etc.) and Cyber Security. A generous allotment of open/institutional electives allows to combine the study in Computer Science with study in another field either by taking a well-defined specialized minor in another discipline, or by working with an advisor to formulate a program that combines experiences across disciplines.

The Computer Science and Engineering programmeis actively involved in Research & Development. It has good collaborations with several industries, academic institutes and Research & Development organizations. Programme research interest spans a wide range. Each research group in Computer Science has systems specific to its research needs.CSE students have access to modern air-conditioned laboratories of the department that serve the teaching and research needs of the students and faculty.

The mission of the undergraduate program in Computer Science is to develop students' breadth of knowledge across the subject areas of computer science, including their ability to apply the defining processes of computer science theory, abstraction, design, and implementation to solve problems in the discipline and across industry domains. Students take a set of core courses. After learning the mathematical foundations of computer science, electronic circuitsand essential programming techniques, students take courses in areas such as programming techniques, automata and complexity theory, systems programming, computer architecture, analysis of algorithms, artificial intelligence and applications. The program prepares students for careers in government, corporate sector, research and development organizations and for graduate study.

The department maintains a strong relationship with industry partners. Many students are supported by research fellowship from VMWare, Nvidia, IBM, GE health care, ContinentalAG, start-ups and many more.The degree can lead to a career in almost any industry, including aerospace, manufacturing, banking, health, research, entertainment, telecommunications, social media and education. Computer scientists often become essential members of interdisciplinary design and research teams, working on problems from all technical domains.

A degree in Computer/Information Technology can lead to a career in such fields as computer system administration, computer security, database administration, website development and administration, enterprise network administration, computer system analysis, computer system planning, computer forensic analysis, cloud computing services and IT management.