National level debate competition at Dayananda Sagar University

Dayananda Sagar University and DSI are hosting Verbattle National School Debate Championship 2019 in association with Verbattle. Verbattle is the largest, most exciting and unique platform for debate and dialogue. Its fundamental purpose is to facilitate thought and opinion exchange in addition to its primary goal of promoting democratic values in society.

Every year Verbattle organizes the national level debate competition for the school students of age 12 to 16 years studying from 7th to 10 th standard. The competition will be a league tournament at the first level, with each team having to compete in not fewer than five debates and up to a maximum of seven debates in case of a tie.

This year our university has taken the onus of organizing the event as volunteers and to actively participate in the conduct of the competitions leading to the finals as audience, hosts and event supporters. Verbattle will be awarding the winner with Rs. 2 Lakh and Finalists with Rs. 50,000, best speaker - Rs. 20,000.

DSU and DSI will be more than happy to support Verbattle and encourage all the young minds to express themselves, improve communication skills and leadership skills.

Date and Location:
DSCE - 18th and 19th January
BU Programs of DSI - 21st January
DSATM - 22nd and 23rd January
Healthcare programs of DSI and DSU - 24th January
Management programs of DSI and DSU - 25th January

Premachandra Sagar Auditorium
Dayananda Sagar Institutions
Shavige Malleshwara Hills
Kumaraswamy Layout
Bangalore - 78