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Dayananda Sagar University has partnered with ETAS, a BOSCH company to bring German engineering and automotive technology to students in India. “Dayananda Sagar University” is setting up a state of the art Automotive Embedded Systems lab for cutting edge M.Tech programs with support from ETAS BOSCH.


The M.Tech program prepares the students to become leaders in knowledge driven profession.The following M.Tech programs have been developed with a philosophy of covering the breadth of domain areas and provide an opportunity to students to specialize in one of the cutting-edge technologies that are driving the next wave of innovation and growth. Specialization helps candidate acquire requisite skills and development experience to ensure a journey of accelerated growth in technology leadership. Core subjects give the advanced foundation; the electives give a wide scope to specialize in the areas of Automotive Electronics, Internet of Things, and Automotive Embedded Systems.

The internship will provide real time learning. Seminars, mini projects and dissertation help to temper the innovative and research capabilities. The ECE department has linkages with the industry in curriculum design and delivery by Adjutant faculty.

M.Tech Program Available

1.      M.Tech in Embedded System (with Specialization in Automotive embedded systems).
2.      M.Tech in Embedded Systems (with Specialization in Internet of Things).

M.Tech in Automotive Electronics (Specialization in Automotive embedded systems):

One of the fastest domains is the automotive sector where several Electronics Control units (ECU) are used to control and manage various units in the car. A modern car has as many as 100 ECU’s. As per the report by IC Insight, the value of semiconductor in the vehicles has moved from $268 to $425 per vehicle and the number of smart vehicles has moved from 15 million in 2009 to over 55 million in 2014. The drivers of growth are communication, entertainment, green initiatives such as reduced emission, active safety and telematics.

The Opportunity:

Embedded systems in automotive is a growing opportunity where embedded systems are already being used for comfort and convenience, infotainment, instrument cluster, engine management, Safety (ABS, Airbags) and diagnostics.

Why M.Tech with specialization in Automotive Embedded Systems:

This program prepares candidates for the roles of automotive embedded design engineer, hardware engineer and embedded design engineers across industries.

Program Details:

This program is designed as a simulated embedded lab for the automotive sector. The Innovation Automotive Embedded System lab contains the complete ECUs for all domains such as engine management system, safety, comfort and convenience, infotainment, after market and autonomous driving. Candidates get a hands-on experience on designing applications on each of these modules. Candidates also get to master the design and testing using the complete lifecycle of development using simulators that are used by the industry. While the candidate develops mastery over embedded systems design and development for any industry, the candidate gets in-depth hands-on experience of the automotive embedded system.

Know more about AES:

Today's car has the computing power of 20 personal computers, features about 100 million lines of programming code, and processes up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour. By Mckinsey : http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/manufacturing/whats_driving_the_connect...

BOSCH automotive electronics : http://www.boschindia.com/en/in/our_company_5/business_sectors_and_divis...

Trend in automotive electronics: http://www.freescale.com/files/ftf_2010/Americas/WBNR_FTF10_AUT_F0747_PD...

M.Tech in Embedded Systems (Specialization in Internet of Things):

This program provides the breadth of domains covering micro controllers and advanced embedded systems and also gives an opportunity to specialize in the domain of Internet of Things.

Gartner defines The Internet of Things as the network of physical objects that contains embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with the objects' internal state or the external environment. The number of connected devices will go up from the current 10 billion devices to over 80 billion devices by 2020 leading to a huge network of devices termed as Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is an interplay for software, connectivity and hardware.

The Opportunity:

Leading players including CISCO predict that IoT will create economic value of over $14 trillion by 2022. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, the installed base of the IoT will exceed 26 billion units worldwide and will consist of a very diverse range of smart objects and equipment. IoT has the potential to create over $500 billion in value in India over the next decade.

Why M.Tech with specialization in Internet of Things:

This program prepares candidates for the roles of solution architects, embedded system consultants and technology leads in the area of Internet of Things and Embedded Systems.

Program Details:

This Master’s Program prepares candidates for the software roles in IoT. The areas covered in the program include advanced micro controllers, advanced embedded systems, sensors and data acquisition, IoT architecture, protocols and networks, mobile applications, big data and analytics, cloud computing, and building enterprise applications for domains such as smart building, industrial, healthcare and retail.

Know more about IOT:

A Gallery of disruptive technology , Source : McKinsey&Company: http://www.mckinsey.com/tools/Wrappers/Wrapper.aspx?sid={21F95813-D665-4176-80BD-3823144E3FE2}&pid={A1D4B928-3A7B-4073-AFFA-6AD78525CDB1

IOT world in 2020 will be 200 Billion connected devices - Sources: IDC , Intel , UN To know more: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/internet-of-things/infographics/g...

The global IoT market opportunity will reach USD4.3 trillion (Source: Machina Research): https://machinaresearch.com/news/the-global-iot-market-opportunity-will-...


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