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Technovation 2018 – Where Technology Meets Innovation


Innovation Labs of Dayananda Sagar University is conducting a innovation in technology exhibition – Technovation that encourages creative thinking, innovative ideas and problem solving capabilities in DSU students. This tech-exhibition unveils the innovative ideas of students that help in resolving current industry challenges using latest technologies.

In this regard, Innovation Labs of Dayananda Sagar University had conducted a three day workshop on trending technologies from different domains including IoT, Smart city, 3d printing, industrial automation, machine learning and quadcopters.


Virtual Lab - Workshop by E & C Engineering Department, DSU


Department of Electronics and Communication, School of Engineering, Dayananda Sagar University is conducting Virtual Lab workshop in association with Virtual Lab team of IIT Roorkee. Physical distance and limited equipments availability had always been a challenge for students and scholars to conduct sophisticated experiments.

The education giant IIT Roorkee have addressed this challenge by setting  up a virtual lab that also provides complete learning management system tools, web-resources, video – lectures, animated demonstration and self evaluation.