The CEE offers programs for the working professional on a flexible platform. These programs are contemporary, well-crafted and are industry relevant.

Programs are so designed to offer an executive a strong flavor of general management, followed by a specialization ending in an immersive capstone project that brings together learning experience.

With the accelerating pace of competition, cutting-edge companies are defined by innovative strategies. In the Executive Education programs, a student will explore how to develop ground breaking strategies and action plans for execution, forecast industry evolution, and analyses strategic trade-offs in order to ultimately build and sustain your company's competitive advantage.

The pedagogy for the program is shaped around interactive lectures, hands on assignments and case study analyses. Through the program an executive will find the following recurring themes with reference to strategy and its implementation after a solid foundation of general management.

A sixteen month post graduate program in management, spread across 4 trimesters of four months each. The program is well grounded on a general management perspective with the first three trimesters being populated with core and foundation courses. Trimester 4 has specialization courses where the student will specialize in one of the eight functional areas on offer. Trimester 4, ends with a capstone project, which will capture learning from the entire program where a student is expected to engage with a live industry project under the guidance of a faculty.

Trimester 1/Courses Credits
Human Resource Management 3
Accounting for Managers 3
Marketing Management 3
Organization Theory 3
Trimester 2/Courses Credits
Financial Accounting 3
Managerial Economics 3
Business Law, Ethics & Social Responsibility 3
Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3
Trimester 3/Courses Credits
Operations Management 3
Global Business 3
Strategic Decision Making & Management 3
Research Methodology 3
Trimester 4 Courses Credits
Business Analytics’ 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Entrepreneurship Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Financial Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Global Business 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Human Resource Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Marketing Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Operations Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18
Project Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 12+6= 18

Three month advanced certificate programs in management

Trimester 4 Courses Credits
Business Analytics’ 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Entrepreneurship Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Financial Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Global Business 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Human Resource Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Marketing Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Operations Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15
Project Management 3 Courses + 1 Capstone Project 9+6= 15

The Distinguished Speaker Series at DSU is a university level initiative a global focus. The program strives to bring industry leaders to the portals of Dayananda Sagar University Industry leaders address our students on invitation on a wide variety of areas spanning management, engineering, social sciences, biological sciences, humanities and art.

Developing New Managers

Management is distinguished as the level of supervision between the entry level employees and organizational leaders. Residing between effective leadership and efficient employees, effective managers are critical to organizational success. Different paths to becoming a manager exist—either through the ranks or through outside accomplishments. Managers must have certain knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to be able to achieve organizational goals and engage employees. Lacking these KSAs, managers will need basic or advanced training, depending on their place within an organization. The training of managers should be an ongoing process, even as managers become proficient at basic levels of business acumen. All managers should be concerned with management development—in terms of both their own and their subordinates' advancement. With our training workshops working executives will be provided the skills they need to succeed as managers in a complex world. By identifying prospective managers early and identifying a clear management track, your company will prosper and thrive with a solid development structure. Becoming a new manager can seem like a daunting and challenging task. To overcome these hurdles let us create an environment where employees know what is expected of them.

With our training, program your employees will gain the support, best practices, and knowledge that is essential for a new manager. The training workshops will help your company develop well rounded, fair and confident managers. By identifying early you will be able to groom prospective candidates and provide the best chance for success.

We can assist you in a wide variety of areas from developing high performing teams, leadership, communication, sales & marketing, sales enablement, finance and operations.

We customize training programs for your specific needs.

Learning and development’s impact on the success of an organization can be significant. You can be assured your corporate training programs will be successful when you have the right training development partner.

The center will cater to executing customized training programs on a need based basis, after carrying out an analysis. Our unique five step approach will add immense value to your organization in terms of enhanced intellectual capital.

Step 1:

We start by analyzing your operating environment, your business and development challenges, and your training-specific needs. Together, we will articulate your development goals and define your overall expectations. And you can rest assured that your input will be central to the process from beginning to end.

Step 2:

During this second step, we choose the people who will lead your training program: the faculty members, experts and/or other specialists who will be working directly with your employees to bring your customized program to life. Based on your predefined objectives and your company’s profile, we will develop the structure and content of your program so that it fits your business and your employees like a glove. It is at this stage that we will determine which teaching methods are the most appropriate in the context.

Step 3:

The sessions can be held at your place of business, in our facilities or at another place of your choosing, here or anywhere else on the planet. Simply select the option that is the most convenient for you. We will ensure that all of the necessary elements are in place to facilitate learning and show participants how to apply their newly acquired knowledge in the workplace.

Step 4:

We will continuously assess and modify the program and pedagogy depending on your feedback. Your concerns will be addressed on an immediate basis.

Step 5:

Our faculty involved with the training program will stay in touch and mentor the trainees on a need basis that is mutually acceptable.

Step 6:

Our training programs offer the following takeaways.

You’ll see concrete improvements in such areas as:

  • Overall employee engagement
  • Motivation within a group to make a real and lasting difference
  • Solutions to company-specific problems
  • Integration of management practices acquired during the course
  • Efficiency in workplace collaboration
  • Technical and functional skill sets.
  • Content that is directly relevant to your organizational challenges
  • Experience-based learning approach
  • Hand-picked instructors
  • Program designed specifically to heighten your business’s productivity and impact
  • Small groups (12 to 20 participants)
  • The training program will be accredited with a certificate from Dayananda Sagar University – Centre for Executive Education.

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